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Agrobits UI/Ux Design


Agrobits is a mobile application that brings together buyers and sellers of agricultural inputs and goods. Founded by agrobits retailers with more than 30 years of agriculture experience, agrobits is a solution to buy and sell more than 500 agriculture products. Find the products in the quantities you need. Request products from multiple dealers competing for your business. Set delivery deadlines that meets your farming needs.

Mobile app design for Agrobits


A huge market from Nigeria of farmers werent able to collect funds from investors so there was a huge potential to connect the incestors with the farmers. But a right platform with the ease of use for both of the end users can be met.

Research & Strategy

We started our journey with understanding how Nigerian market works. Aftwewards we strategized all app on a model of bringing banks also into the platform and allowing them to invest into the system . We made a user journey that can carry both farmers and investors and guide them through the app.


Our userflow and architecture of the application helped the company to acheive their goal of connecting investors with the farmers in the most effective way. The usability increased the conversion rate by 200% and also helped them land 2million USD funding for their startup.


The job was delivered as agreed and they were very professional and flexible enough to make sure their client is satisfied. Highly recommended.


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