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The BMoreRaw is effective B2B Outbound Telemarketing Pre Sales Process on a Scalable Platform. It is a SAAS application that runs on fuel of truth. The revolutionizing answer to building almost any b2b company’s success built on the truth from your matketAiding and amplifying the telemarketing industry.

Web app design for BMoreRaw

Research & Strategy

When it comes to the success of any  website, understanding users’ needs and organizational objectives, along with having a sound strategy to unite the two is the foundation for the project’s success.

The main challenge that we faced was to incorporate a bunch load of features designing the telemarketer cockpit offering the calling agent bunch of features but still keeping it very user friendly. 

Did we deliver ROI? You bet!

After the website design, they saw:
Increased signups opportunities for the company and its independent distributors
Increased product and brand awareness
Reduced call volume from frustrated website visitors looking for basic product info

Softintex Studio’s team really added life to our idea of creating this platform. We were very pleased to work with them and make this platform a success.

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