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Why Paid Social Matters

By running paid advertisements on social media we can reach new clients while having old ones.You can do this only if you do it in effective way.Otherwise, you are wasting your money into the market with lesser chance of results.This is quite complex starting with variety of social platforms available and to make the decision of where and how to run the advertisements.

This is where Softintex can help.We have a team of social media experts with extensive knowledge that can help our clients to develop a better understanding of their customer journey and can develop more appealing social ads.In this way, our clients will see improved results such as increased revenue and lifetime value of customers.

Customer Journey Identification & Optimization

We have a team that can identify the milestones of your customer journey and can remove the hurdles from their path.We will continuously keep track of results to optimize our strategies.

Ad Creative & Copy Creation

Paid social advertising demands high-quality content and multi-media strategies.We have a paid social team that will make your ads look unique in the market.

Pixel Tracking Setup 

Tracking the performance of your customer can give valuable perception into their individual purchase process.Our team will set up pixel tracking across your channels and measure the quality of the results, making adjustments as needed.

Audience Builds & Segmentation

If your paid advertisements are targeting the wrong audience then you are wasting your money.Our team will use their expertise to explore your audience and show the right ads to the right people.

Product Feed Creation & Management

Showing your prospects and customers relevant products in your adverstisements can convince them back to your site.Our team will manage your product feeds in such a way that your will see the increase in results.

Testing & Optimization

We will be giving you full support by testing the adverstiments and continue to make changes in order to optimize the results after implementing a new paid social stratgies.

Our Process

Step 1

Map the Customer Journey

Our team will start by spending time on mapping out what your customer journey should look like.This process includes an analysis of all your competitive landscape, current paid efforts and audience segmentation strategies.

Step 2

Launch & Test Ads

We will be launching and testing new advertisements once we have a better understanding of your customer.We will generate both copy and creative assets while testing new messaging, creative, and targeting until we find the perfect combination.

Step 3

Result & Growth

We will make sure that the changes we make are guaranteed to improve your paid social results.You will be going to make more money when you see the increase in your customer base and their lifetime value.


Happy Clients


The job was delivered as agreed and they were very professional and flexible enough to make sure their client is satisfied. Highly recommended.

JM Motors

It was amazing working with softintex. They delivered what we needed. We received amazing response from social media within months.

What You Get From Our Audit

Audience Segmentation

Showing the right ads to relevant customer is very important part of social advertising.If your ads are not being viewed by the relevant customers then you will be ignored.That is why you must target the right audience.

Technical Setup

Having the right technical strategies in place can help you become more efficient and informed about your customers. From tight funnels to pixel tracking, you can use this data to make better strategic decisions.


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